META-IFORCE-6D - Automatic Individual Force Dual Wheel Grinder/Polisher META-IFORCE 6S/6D - ..
META-CENTRA POL Central Force Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine META-CENTRA POL – ..
MS-CUT-10SA IRREGULAR SHAPE SAMPLE CUTTING MACHINEMS-CUT-10SA The machine is suitable for cutting ..
  MWC-S4-SWB-8 4 inch Wet Metallurgical Belt Sander & 8” Grinder/PolisherSold wi..
META-POL portable Grinder / Polisher and etcher META-POL is a batte..
  META-SPEC-1-2S Spectroscopic Single Disc Surface Grinder     META-SPEC-1-2S  ..
Soluble Oil (1 Gallon)- Water Based Cutting Oil: (Macro-Emulsions) is used on all cutting operations..
SQUADRO-H: RESIN, HARD MATERIAL SQUADRO-M and SQUADRO-H are innovative diamond grinding discs that e..
PSA Abrasive Silicon Carbide Discs, PSA SiC paper is the traditional grinding method. Made of a wate..
Metal clips to help you to support your sample in hot & cold mouting procedures...
Abrasive Silicon Carbide Discs, Plain SiC paper is the traditional grinding method. Made of a waterp..
12-Inch META-Vellap Cloth, with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing (PSA), Packaged 10 Per Pack Is a..
0.05µm Deagglomerated Gamma Aluminum Oxide Powder PAP2 Series Powders are unique aluminum oxide abra..
0.3µm, 32oz - Premium Alumina Slurrys are unique permanent suspensions of our industry standard alum..
12-inch in diameter, META-NYPLAN is a Premium Polishing Cloth. Very hard and extremely flat polishin..
2mm "V" Notch Standard Broach, Hard Coated, CERTIFICATE INCLUDED -36%
2mm V Notch Standard Broach, Tin Coated, HrC 72 Our broaches meet most standards i.e. BS, ISO, EN..
$550.00 $350.00
  META-SCOPE 2 -  Portable Microscope 2nd Edition Metallurgical Microscopes has vertical illuminati..
128oz, COLOR:Blue - a top-quality colloidal silica, this non-agglomerating slurry with tight particl..

Metallographic 5% Nital Etchant Solution, ASTM E407 #74-5 - ETCH-E407-74-5-G - Etching Solutions - 5..
Metallographic Kalling's Etchant Solution, ASTM E407 #95 - ETCH-E407-95-G - Etching Solutions - meta..
Metallographic Vilella's Etchant Solution, ASTM E407 #80 - ETCH-E407-80-G - Etching Solutions - Vile..
Metallographic Kroll's Etchant Solution, ASTM E407 #192 - ETCH-E407-192-P - Etching Solutions - Krol..
Metallographic Picral Etchant Solution, ASTM E407 #76 - ETCH-E407-76-G - Etching Solutions - Picral ..
Concentrated nitric acid (69 to 71%) is a transparent, colorless or yellowish fuming, suffocating, h..
Our 99.9% Acetone, ACS Reagent Grade, is of such contaminant-free purity it is desired as a special-..