ATTENTION all customers!

My name is Ashley Gladky, Bill Gladky wife. My husband had a major cardiac arrest beginning of this month. He is only 43 years old. He is fighting for his life. I know many of you know Billy. I know the International World of his partners and friends that came across the GLOBE to see him, and all love my husband. An honest man, a proud father of 5 kids, a man with a huge heart that cares for all. His stress levels due to Metlab Corporation's attacks on him were unbearable. Where he was forced to work 2 days or 3 days straight for 5 years to contain the damages from Metlab Corporation using slander to many of you in many ways. Many letters of such claim, those who were for the right, had written to Billy what Metlab was saying. THANK YOU FOR THOSE, and those who have not; you still have a chance. Other details I can not get into.


Please remember that the orders are shipping, but please give me extra time to get them out to you. I will set up a GoFund page in more detail. Thank you to all those who care very much for my husband Bill Gladky.

Truly Yours,

Ashley G


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