1.0µm, 16oz Premium Alumina Slurry, Gamma Phase Particle - PAS2-DA-1-0 by Metallurgical Supplies

Product Code: PAS2-DA-1-0
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    • Item specifics

      • Bottle Size 16 oz
      • Compared To Buehler MicroPolish II
      • Particle Size (µm) 1.0µm
      • pH 8.5
      • Specific Gravity 1.13

      Product Description

      1.0µm, 16oz - Premium Alumina Slurrys are unique permanent suspensions of our industry standard aluminum oxide abrasive powders. The alkaline chemistry combined with the high-purity (>99.99%) alumina powders provide an optimum solution for critical needs in precision polishing of optical materials, electro-optical materials, laser crystals, ophthalmic lenses, and in metallurgical specimen preparation. Our PAS2- Series Agglomerate-Free Alumina Suspensions are manufactured from our PAP2- series of agglomerate-free aluminum oxide powders. They are typically used in critical polishing applications to produce surface finishes approaching a few angstroms. Please note that the data below represents functional particle sizes, which are typically smaller than measured with standard light scattering metrology. These are indicative of how the particle will act under pressure in a polishing application.
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