1.75-inch Abrasive Silicon Carbide Discs, PSA, Grit 800 Fine, 100/Box - FMGP-175-800 by Metallurgical Supplies

Product Code: FMGP-175-800
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    • Item specifics

      • Coating Type Electrostatically Coated
      • Disc Diameter (inches) 1.75-inch
      • Disc Diameter (mm) 44.45 mm
      • European P-Grading P2400
      • Micron Grade 10
      • U.S. Grit (CAMI) 800

      Product Description

      Grit 800 Fine grit abrasive discs are electrostatically coated. This causes the SiC particles to stand on end, which provides more of a "cutting" action. Grit 800 Fine grit is recommended for soft materials that smear, step grinding for failure analysis, or when continued material removal is desired. Provides rougher finish and higher removal. Our premium C weight PSA Abrasive Silicon Carbide Discs, PSA SiC paper is the traditional grinding method. Made of a waterproof paper backing with a layer of SiC abrasive grains. Offers quick grinding times with minimal surface damage during the grinding process. Paper will stick to the platen during the grinding process and can be removed easily when cycle is completed.
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