1-inch, META-TRIDAC, Premium Polishing Cloth, PSA, 50/Pack - FMPC-60P-100 by Metallurgical Supplies

Product Code: FMPC-60P-100
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    • Item specifics

      • Backing Type PSA
      • Cloth Diameter 1-inch
      • Compared to Buehler Verdutex, UltraPol, Trident
      • Compared to Struers DP-Dac, DP-Dur, DP-Sat
      • Disc Diameter (mm) 25.4 mm
      • For Application  Pre-polishing of soft materials and polishing of all materials. Excellent flatness
      • Metallurgical Supplies Name META-TRIDAC
      • Recommended Slurry  diamond, 1µ to 9µ

      Product Description

      1-inch in diameter, META-TRIDAC is a Premium Polishing Cloth. Woven artificial silk polishing cloth mounted on a rigid and heavy barrier foil. Used with a slurry such as diamond, 1µ to 9µ. Recommended Application of Pre-polishing of soft materials and polishing of all materials. Excellent flatness. Compared to Struers Cloth DP-Dac, DP-Dur, DP-Sat and also Compared to Buehler Cloth Verdutex, UltraPol, Trident . Mounted on a new developed universal adhesive solution. Our ADHESIVE – PSA is RESISTANT TOWARDS: alcohol-based slurries, glycol-alcohol based liquids, oil and petroleum distillate-based slurries, water-based slurries, and water/glycol-based slurries and lubricants
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