128 oz, Premium Colloidal Silica, Non-Drying, 0.06µm, Blue - PCS2-06-128 by Metallurgical Supplies

Product Code: PCS2-06-128
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    • Item specifics

      • Bottle Size 128 oz
      • Color Rich Blue
      • Microns 0.06µm
      • Type Colloidal Silica

      Product Description

      128oz, COLOR:Blue - a top-quality colloidal silica, this non-agglomerating slurry with tight particle distribution produces excellent finish on many materials. This high-purity colloidal silica slurry with a specially designed non-drying alkaline dispersion. This reduces problems caused by silica particles drying, caking or crystallizing on all exposed surfaces. The non-settling spherical particles maintain excellent stability in their liquid medium, which enables a long shelf life.
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