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128oz, META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic Oil , Gallon CHLORINE FREE

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128oz, META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic Oil , Gallon CHLORINE FREE image
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Technical Specifications

Metalworking Lubricants
Bottle Size 128oz
Liquid Color Light Brown
Mixing Ratio 15:1
Product Name META-S-Kool Semi-Synthetic Oil
Type Premium Semi-Synthetic
128oz, META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic Oil , Gallon CHLORINE FREE
  • Stock: 1000
  • Model: SO6-W-128
  • Weight: 1.10lb
  • SKU: SO6-W-128
190 samples sold

META-S-Kool Semi-Synthetic Oil Sizes

128oz, META-S-Kool,  Semi-Synthetic Oil , Gallon CHLORINE FREE


640oz, META-S-Kool,  Semi-Synthetic Oil, 5 Gallon Pail CHLORINE FREE


META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic Oil is a semi-synthetic general purpose metalworking coolant containing approximately 10% mineral oil.  This product, when diluted with water, forms a translucent amber emulsion which offers excellent workpiece visibility, good lubricity, and superior cooling. META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic Oil is designed for the machining and grinding of virtually all metals, except magnesium and is formulated without the use of chlorine.

META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic is designed for use in metalworking applications such as all CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping and grinding. META-S-Kool, Semi-Synthetic is also excellent on conventional machining processes and sawing applications.


Typical Properties

Product Code


Appearance – concentrate

Amber liquid

Appearance – dilution

Transparent amber



Residual Film

Soft, Fluid

pH @ 20:1 (5%)

9.0 + 0.2

Specific Gravity @ 60°F

1.0 + 0.1


8.34 + 0.1

Flash Point, PMCC, °F




•     Long lasting

•    Superior tramp oil rejection

•    Low foaming

•    Operator friendly

•    Mild, pleasant odor

•    Excellent lubricity

•    Excellent corrosion inhibition

•    Clean running

•    Excellent hard water stability

•    Provides Excellent Finish

•     Good workpiece visibility-translucent



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