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Lubricants, Cleaners Spray Cans by Metallurgical Supplies

Silicone Spray Lubricant/Release Agent, 20oz
Model: MS-SPAY-SBrand: Metallography World Corporation
Economical lubricant/release agent. Stops squeaks; prevents corrosion; lubricates window channels, movable auto parts. Prevents sticking, speeds production, cuts cleanup time...
Fluorocarbon Dry Spray Lubricant, 20oz
Model: MS-SPAY-FBrand: Metallography World Corporation
Extremely slick, T1 will not melt below 500°F, will not attract or hold dust or dirt and will not become gummy. while repeling oil and water its fortifies with TFE. Reducing Friction & stops sticking...
Solvent Spray Cleaner And Degreaser, 16oz
Model: MS-SPAY-CBrand: Metallography World Corporation
Removes grease, grime, oil and dirt from energized electrial equipment, quick drying leaves no residue. Not for use on plastics...
Plastic Spray Clear Fixative, 16oz
Model: MS-SPAY-PBrand: Metallography World Corporation
Provides a clear acrylic protective coating that stays clear under any condition. Contains “UV” protectant inhibitors. Flexible, Quick Drying, Transparent and stays clear & water repellent...
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Lubricants, Cleaners Spray Cans