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META-NICAL Diamond Grinding Discs - Diamond Grinding Supplies Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

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Resin bonded flexible diamond tools designed specifically for precision grinding & polishing of extremely hard materials, such as those used in the Thermal Spray Industry.   Engineered to replace both metal bond diamond wheels and super-finishing sys-tems. Combines the accuracy of rigid tools (bonded wheels); with the speed, consist-ency & ease of use of a flexible Diamond Belt System. And for many applications, can replace the need for Diamond Film Finishing.

Same results every time Grinds fast 
- can polish too
Hard pulley gives high calibration
An efficient, low cost solution
Lower grinding force  than wheels
Much lower capital investment

Diamond is the hardest material available which provides a predictable, consistent and repeatable finish for different materials. It is ideal for grinding and finishing applications on glass, ceramics,  porcelain, composites, ultra hard steel, titanium, cast iron, epoxy and hard coatings.  The following grit sizes are available: