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Ball Penetrators Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

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  1. Rockwell Ball Penetrators
    1. Carbide ball grade selection is critical to achieve consistent and reliable test results in your hardness testing program. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers tungsten carbide balls are evaluated using a computer assisted Federal Circular Geometry Gage that is accurate within 2 millionths of an inch to ensure that they conform to all standards.

    1. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers carbide balls are made from only the highest quality carbide to insure accuracy, consistency and reliability for all your hardness testing needs. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers is ISO 6508 accredited and all carbide balls are manufactured in accordance with the latest Rockwell ASTM Revision for E18.

    2. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers and provides the largest stocking inventory of Vickers and Knoop Diamond Indenters for all microhardness testing machines.