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Brinell Carbide Balls Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

Brinell-10mm Carbide Balls
Brinell-10mm Carbide Balls..
Brinell-1mm Carbide Ball
Brinell-1mm Carbide Ball..
Brinell-2.5mm Carbide Ball
Brinell-2.5mm Carbide Ball..
Brinell-5mm Carbide Ball
Brinell-5mm Carbide Ball..
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  1. Brinell Carbide Balls

    1. Class B, Working Grade with Long Form Certification

    1. Carbide ball grade selection is critical to achieve consistent and reliable test results in your hardness testing program. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers tungsten carbide balls are evaluated using a computer assisted Federal Circular Geometry Gage that is accurate within 2 millionths of an inch to ensure that they conform to all standards.

    1. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers carbide balls are made from only the highest quality carbide to insure accuracy, consistency and reliability for all your hardness testing needs. 2.5 mm and 5 mm carbide balls are used on softer materials or where a smaller impression is desired.

    1. Metallurgical Supplies manufacturers is ISO 9001, ISO 6506 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited in order to provide you with the highest quality standards and traceability to NIST. All carbide balls are manufactured in accordance with the latest Brinell revisions for 2007, Brinell Revision E10-07a. As an ASTM and AMTMA member, we will keep you current on the latest industry news, trends and revisions.

    1. * ISO 6506 - Accredited to International Standards.

    1. * ASTM E10 - Compliant to the latest ASTM E10 Revision which includes required Long Form Certification.