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Automatic Brinell Hardness tester, (HT-BRN-AXYZ) by Metallurgical Supplies

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Technical Specifications

Hardness Tester Specs
Applying Test Force8-650HBW
Camera (Pixel)3mbps
Camera with Megapixel3 megapixels
Conversion ScaleYes
Hardness ModeHBW
Hardness Tester TypeBrinell
Indentation MeasurementAutomatic or Manual
Max Height of Specimens400mm
Model NumberHT-BRN-AXYZ
Stage TypeAutomatic
Test Force Dwell Time5-60s
Test ReportYes
Automatic Brinell Hardness tester, (HT-BRN-AXYZ) by Metallurgical Supplies
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HT-BRN-AXYZ Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester, Based on the mechanical principle of hard alloy indenter pressing into the sample surface to produce indentation, realizing the material hardness measurment by measuring the diameter of the indentation, the use of the phoelectric sensor system to high magnification optical measurment, equipped with automatic turret device, high sensitivity touch screen operation interfacecan achieve automatic loading and unloading of electronic, automatic indentation marks, microscopic auto focus measurment indentation diameter, GB / ASTM hardness automatic conversion, automatic test report and other functions, easy to operate, high detection efficiency. It can meet the hardness testing requirement for the quality control and qualified assessment of the workpiece sample. it is widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, various metal material's failure analysis and other fields like colleges and research institutions. It improves work efficiency product qualification rate, saving production costs.




  • Widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, various metal material's failure analysis and other feilds like colleges and research institutions and other fields; 
  • High degree of automation,accurate measurment, suitable for large demand or high precision measurement of high end users
  • Equipped with portable high definition USB camera, ergonomic design.
  • Easy to operate, can automatically identify the edge of indentation, Automatic removal of burrs to achieve accurate indentation measurement, synchronous display.
  • With threshold overrun automaic alarm function, apply to the bulk of finished products or semi finished peices of paper by piece detection;
  • Image and the corresponding measurment data files can be set to automatically store, open,store,print,modify,call and other operations, generate measurement reports;
  • Real-time statistical measurement data, display the maximum, minimum,average,deviation,CP,CPK and so on;
  • The automatic turret mechanism can realize the automatic switching function between the objective lens and indenterand improve the detection efficiency;
  • Using touch screen display interface, display operation integration, simple and intuitive, the technical requirements of the operator is not high;
  • Equipped with excellent performance of the carbide indenter, high hardness, wear resistance, good toughness, while high temperature, corrosion resistance, to ensure that the instrument measured standard, stable and reliable;
  • Equipped with high speed thermal printer, you can quickly print out the test data;
  • According to the ASTM_E140, DIN 50150, GBT_1172 and other different standards for hardness conversions;
  • Diameter measurment accuracy of up to 0.001mm, meet ASTM E 10, GBT 231, ISO-6506 and other standards.

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