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XYZ Automatic Precision Micro Hardness Tester - 1kgf, (HT-APMC-1-XYZ) by Metallurgical Supplies

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Overview HT-APMC-1-XYZ a XYZ Automatic Precision Micro Hardness Tester - 1kgf automatic precision microhardness tester, based on the mechanical princi..
XYZ Automatic Precision Micro Hardness Tester - 1kgf, (HT-APMC-1-XYZ) by Metallurgical Supplies
Hardness Tester Specs
Camera (Pixel)1.3mbps
Conversion ScaleYes
Hardness Tester TypeMicro Vickers
Indenter objective lens conversion modeAutomatic
Machine Application ModeAutomatic
Magnification of Measuring Microscope100X(Observation) 400X(Measurement)
Max Height of Specimens210mm
Measuring Range5-2500HV
Model NumberHT-APMC-1-XYZ
Test Force Holding Time0~60s
Test ReportYes
Tester Front DisplayLCD Liquid Crystal Display
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HT-APMC-1-XYZ a XYZ Automatic Precision Micro Hardness Tester - 1kgf automatic precision microhardness tester, based on the mechanical principle of the positive quadrilateral pyramid diamond indenter into the sample surface to produce indentation. By measuring the diagonal length of the indentation to achieve the hardness of the material. It is designed for small specimens, thick workpiece, heat treatment of the workpiece surface (infiltration coating) Vickers hardness test.  With high automation degree, accurate measurement, integrated electromechanical integration in one, and the use of photoelectric sensor system to high magnification optical measurement, it is equipped with automatic turret device, high sensitivity touch screen operation interface to achieve automatic loading and unloading, automatic indentation marks, micro-auto focus measurement indentation diameter, GB/ASTM hardness automatic conversion, automatic test report and other functions. With the function of easy to operate and high efficiency, it is widely used in metal processing, electronics industry, mold parts, watches and clocks manufacturing, engineering quality inspection, and other fields, scientific research institutions etc. And it is the ideal hardness test equipment for sophisticated manufacturing and quality inspection departments to test material


Working Principle

The testing principle of Micro Vickers (or Knoop) hardness is the using of regular four-pyramid diamond pressure head, the selected fixed experimental force (load) is pressed into the specimen surface and maintained for a certain length of time (Paula), and then the experimental force (unloading) is removed A positive pyramid or Knoop indentation with a square on the surface of the specimen remains The length of the diagonal is measured by the micrometer (0.020-1.400mm) to obtain the area of the indentation and to obtain the corresponding Vickers (or Knoop) hardness value.

Usually, Vickers hardness values can be converted according to the following formula

HV=constant test force/ indentation surface areas:0.1891 F / d2

Note: HV, Vickers hardness symbols

F, test forced, the arithmetic mean of the two diagonal dl, d2



  • It is widely applied to the Vickers hardness test of the surface (infiltration coating) of the specimen such as micro-specimen, thin specimen and a heat-treated workpiece, which can meet the needs of research institutions, precision processing manufacturing and quality inspection departments, and microhardness testing;
  • This product is the integration of High-tech innovative products, a high degree of automation, accurate measurement, suitable for measuring the demand for large or high precision high-end users;
  • With high rate optical sensor system and high-precision photoelectric sensor technology, the test point positioning is accurate, the test results more accurate;
  • Using the adjustable cooling light source measurement system, and the software can control the intensity of the light source;
  • Automatic turret device can convert the pressure head and the microscope eyepiece, and the test efficiency is high;
  • The threshold of the automatic alarm function, making it suitable for a batch of finished products or semi-finished products workpiece by piece inspection;
  • Using large-screen LCD, simple and convenient to operate, and it can be intuitive to display the test results;
  • With panel printer, you can print the test results in real time;
  • Support the numerical conversion among Brinell, Vickers and other hardness standards;
  • Meet the standards of GBT 4340.1, GBT 4340. 2, ASTM_E92 and other relevant standards at home and abroad


Initially Test Force10gf,25gf,50gf,100gf,200gf,300gf,500gf,1kgf
Measuring Range5-2500HV
Hardness ModeHV、HK
Applying Test ForceAutomatic (plus, loading, unloading)
Magnification of Measuring Microscope100X(Observation) 400X(Measurement)
The Conversion Mode of The Lens’ HeadAutomatic
Minimum Resolution0.01μm
Maximum Height of Applicable Materials210mm
Maximum Distance from Head To The Fuselage320mm
Display CharacteristicsLCD large screen Display
Test Force Holding Time0~60s
Image FocusManual or Automatic
Camera (Pixel)1.3mbps
Indentation MeasurementManual or Automatic
Data StatisticsAutomatically calculate the hardness of the average, variance, Cp, Cpk and other statistical values.
Data StorageRaw measurement data, images, etc.which can be saved in the document.
Hardening CurveAutomatically draw the hardening curve
Suitable for Material Edge ScanAutomatic (automatically scans along the edges of the test pieces and draws the edge overall diagram
XYZ Sample Table110mm*110mm
Mobile ControlManual operation or automatic operation
Test ReportAutomatically generate Word or Excel document reports in a format that can be customized (standard f
Power SupplyAC220V±5%,50~60Hz
Kirschner HardnessIt can be set to Vickers hardness measurement
Overall Dimensions490*320*530mm
Machine Weight45kg

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