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Portable Barcol Hardness Tester by Metallurgical Supplies

Barcol Hardness Tester
Model: HT‐BP‐100Brand: Metallography World Corporation
PORTABLE BARCOL HARDNESS TESTER (IMPRESSER)   HT-BP-100 is a kind of portable hardness tester, it is the typical model which is in widest application mainly used for rapid hardness test for aluminum and aluminum alloy, as well as fiberglass reinforced plastic. Barcol hardness..
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The Barcol hardness test characterizes the indentation hardness of materials through the depth of penetration of an indentor, loaded on a material sample and compared to the penetration in a reference material. The method is most often used for composite materials such as reinforced thermosetting resins or to determine how much a resin or plastic has cured. The test complements the measurement of glass transition temperature, as an indirect measure of the degree of cure of a composite. It is inexpensive and quick, and provides information on the cure throughout a part