META-SCOPE Portable Microscope - E-FM-MS1 by Metallurgical Supplies

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      META-SCOPE is a portable microscope designed for ambulant metallography to observe and photograph micro and macro structures when working in field or without power supply.

      META-SCOPE uses reflected light. META-SCOPE features LED-illumination by wireless white LED lamps (fed directly by coin cells). Small power consumption of these LED lamps allows a day long work with META-SCOPE. The LED lamps provide either coaxial vertical light (inspection of micro structures) or oblique incident light (used for macro photographs).


      -Objective plan achromatic 10x
      -Eye piece 10x (optional: eye piece 20x)
      -Standard magnification 100x
      -Other plan achromatic objectives: 4x, 20x for magnification 40x – 400x (optional)
      -Stand: straight tube with round foot
      -Adapter for digital cameras (optional) Illumination
      -2 wireless white LED-Lamps (battery powered) (Optional: white LED lamps with battery box)
      -Height 10”in, 2.75” diameter
      -Weight 1.32lbs

      -Stand with magnetic holder, Inverted Stand, Slice Holder

      META-SCOPE is delivered in a transport case. It features two lamp slots for coaxial or incident light.

      The round foot will be put on the prepared specimen or part. By adjusting the collar (bright – eloxal coated) one gets the focus. Using a digital camera with the adapter supplied there is no need for replicas.

      Instead of the stand with round foot provided as standard version another stand with magnetic holder may be used. Focusing is done by turning the knob on the upper end of the column of the stand. There is also an inverted stand for META-SCOPE available. These different stands allow inspecting large parts of different shape as well as mounted or un-mounted specimen. Using the inverted stand the META-SCOPE microscope may also be of good use in the laboratory.

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