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Metallography World Corp partners with Gulf Lubricants by Metallurgical Supplies


Metallography World Corporation partners with Gulf Lubricants!  Why?  Many reasons to list them all,  but let's face it, a pronoun name such Gulf who has been a leader not just in an oil industry but others as well.  To work together to bring the industry exactly what it needs with having the mindset to change the industry to deliver quality and pricing to where it's supposed to be.  Working on many projects and for them to be successful, we need our customers to test them, put their input, so the final result is "QUALITY," and most importantly to save you money and to be your companies one-stop-shop.

Join the revolution as we push forward with names such as Gulf, as expending the market bringing more big names to join.  Everything we do, know it's for you and the company you work for, to ultimately save them money without sacrificing quality.  Show your company you care, and be known the one to make that change for the better.

Billy Gladky
Founder / CEO


The History of Gulf
Over 100 Years of Heritage

The Gulf brand was born in 1901 with the oil discovery in Spindle Top, Texas. The Texas Fuel Company (Texaco) and Gulf Oil formed to develop the 100K / Barrels Per Day (BPD) well. In 1928 Gulfpride®, “The world’s finest motor oil”, was introduced. By 1949 under the long and successful leadership of William Larimer Mellon Gulf Oil was in 8th place among the largest manufacturing companies in the United States.

During the mid-century Gulf invested in exploration, production and marketing programs. Innovative programs helped to drive Gulf’s growth rate during this time period to twice that of the United States as an economic entity.

In 1984 Gulf was sold to the Chevron Corporation and Gulf International gained the rights to the brand outside of the United States. In 1986 Cumberland Farms acquired the rights to the Gulf Oil brand from Chevron in the eleven northeast states and in 1999 executes an agreement with the American Refining Group (ARG) to market and sell the Gulf branded lubricants. In 1993 the Gulf Oil Limited Partnership was formed after Cumberland Farms entered into a joint venture with Catamount Petroleum, LP. In 2005 Cumberland Farms acquired the company in full and under the guidance of a strong leadership team they set out to “reinvent” the brand.

Enjoy exploring our full line of Gulf products with us using Metallurgical Supplies from Buffalo, NY.