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Metallurgical Microscopes by Metallurgical Supplies

MIT100 & MIT200 Metallurgical Microscope
Model: SCOPE-MET-100200Brand: Metallography World Corporation
L.W.D Metallurgical Objective 200mmX140mm Stage Analyzer Polarizer Five-hole turret filter unit Aperture diaphragm 30W illuminator MIT100/200 Metallurgical Microscope Items Specification MIT100 MIT200   WF10×-18mm..
MIT300 & MIT500 Metallurgical Microscope
Model: SCOPE-MET-300500Brand: Metallography World Corporation
MIT300/500 Metallurgical Microscope Oversize view field eyepiece, view field up to 22mm for comfortable observation. Trinocular head with dual transform. Light distribution (both): 100: 0(100% for eyepiece) 80:20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece) M..
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