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Polarizing Microscopes by Metallurgical Supplies

B-POL Series Polarizing Microscope
Model: SCOPE-POL-BBrand: Metallography World Corporation
B-POL Polarizing Microscope Outfits Items Specification B-POL Eyepiece WF 10×-18mm (Cross, Reticule 0.1mm) ● WF 16×-13mm ○ Non-stress Achromatic Objective 4× ● 10× ● 40× (S) ● 20× ○ ..
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope
Model: SCOPE-POL-BKBrand: Metallography World Corporation
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope Also named mineralogical microscope, is necessary for researching double refraction sample, which is widely used in geology, mineral, chemical industry, medical, drug, criminal investigation fields etc. BK-POL BK-POLF ..
SMART-POL Polarizing Microscope
Model: SCOPE-POL-SMARTBrand: Metallography World Corporation
SMART-POL Polarizing Microscope Outfits Items Specification SMART-POL Eyepiece WF 10×-18mm ● WF 10×-18mm (Reticule 0.1mm) ● Non-stress Infinity Plan Objective 4× ● 10× ● 20× (S) ● 4..
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