Monocrystalline Diamond Suspension

Metallographic Monocrystalline Diamond Suspension

Water Based Monocrystalline Diamond Suspension Metallurgical Supplies presents water based monocrystalline diamond suspension, diamond suspension is used for the metallurgical polishing of a wide range of materials including ferrous and non ferrous. Various options are available for samples which are sensitive to the presence of water and a range of lubricants can be offered to suit customer requirements. The diamond suspension can be applied direct from the bottle using the trigger spray applicator or can be used in a doser system available from most major manufacturers.

•Micron size available from 40 micron to 0.25 micron
•Three (3) Concentration Levels starting at Metallurgical, Standard & Heavy
•Four (5) different size options available, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 64oz & 128oz
•Can choose from any type cap/closures such as: Standard Cap, Finger Sprayer, Trigger Sprayer, Spout Cap and or Yorker Cap


Standard Cap Finger Spray Trigger Spray Spout Cap Yorker Cap

The complete line of suspensiosn as follows



Metallurgical Grade Monocrystalline Diamond Suspension Water Base, heavy concertation slurries have a very low viscosity for ease of application using dispensers and sprayers. Polycrystalline diamond particles consist of angular, blocky shaped grains providing numerous cutting facets, resulting in less deformation and a superior surface finish. Our suspensions are ideal when continuous stirring or shaking is not an option but homogeneous dispersion of diamond is required. They are formulated for ease of use in lapping and polishing systems where fast removal rates with high surface finishes are required. They are Water Base, so no harsh chemicals are needed for clean-up. Instead of limiting your bottle options you have a choice of choosing the right cap for your bottle, which can be a trigger sprayer, fingertip sprayer, cap turret, spout sealer tip or just an old fashion cap.


MONO-PRO Plus are of it highest Diamond Suspensions are water soluble, universal application diamond slurries, available in precision-graded diamond sizes from 1/10 and 45 micron (up to 15micoron is in stock, above that needs to special ordered, will get in 2 days). They are used in combination with separate lubricants, allowing for optimal in-process control and minimal slurry consumption.  MONO-PRO slurries contain monocrystalline diamond type MSY. The sophisticated slurry formulation guarantees excellent surface quality, highest material removal rate and easy handling thanks to robust stabilization. Typical applications include lapping and polishing of metallographic samples, metals (ferrous or non-ferrous), optical components and ceramic parts.




MONO-PRO DUO PLUS slurries contain monocrystalline diamond type MSY.   MONO-PRO DUO PLUS are water-soluble diamond slurries with integrated lubricants coolants(2-in-1). Designed as cost-effective, universal application diamond slurries, they are available in precision-graded diamond sizes from 1/10 to 30 micron. Excellent wetting properties and low viscosity of the formulation guarantee very high material removal rates and low slurry consumption. Typical applications include lapping and polishing of metallographic samples, metals (ferrous or non-ferrous), optical components and ceramic parts.