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Laboratory Marking Pens Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

STATMARK™ Permanent Marker for Cassette and Slide Marking, 1/Each
Model: STR-PEN-SATMRK-1Brand: Metallography World Corporation
STATMARK™ Permanent Marker for Cassette and Slide Marking General Use: Histology Writing Surface: Frosted end microscope slides, plastic cassettes The STATMARK™ Pen is the ideal black marker - the one that histology and cytology labs have been waiting for. It has a permanent ink that, when allowed t..
Histo-Quill Pen, 1/Each
Model: STR-PEN-HISQUIL-1Brand: Metallography World Corporation
Histo-Quill™ Pen General Use: Histology, Cytology  Writing Surface: Plastic embedding cassettes and frosted end of microscope slides. Resistant To: Water, formalin, ethanol, isopropanol and xylene. Ultra-permanent ink ideal for histology and cytology. Markings will not run on embedding cassettes, fr..
Moist Mark Plus Pen, 1/Each
Model: STR-PEN-MMPP-1Brand: Metallography World Corporation
Moist Mark Plus Pen General Use: Histology, Cytology Writing Surface: Frosted end microscope slides, plastic cassettesPremium slide/cassette marker. Writes smooth, dark and fine on all cassettes and all slides. Use for cytology as a “ dotting” reference marker as well. Resistant to solvents, light-r..
Securline Lab Marker, Black Fine, 1/Each
Model: STR-PEN-SEC-LNFN-1Brand: Metallography World Corporation
Securline Lab Marker, Fine Tip, Black General Use: Microbiology / Histology Writing Surface: Polystyrene petri dishes, metal, glass and most plastic, cold moist surfaces. Resistant To: Autoclaving and water. Remove from nonporous surfaces with mineral oil or petroleum jelly. Durable porous plastic t..
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