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Slide Accessories Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

Microscope Slide DispenserMicroscope Slide Dispenser
Model: STR-MSD-SER-1Brand: Metallography World Corporation
Microscope Slide Dispenser Loading slides made easy. Holds approximately 72 slides of size 3 x 1" (75 x 25mm). Turning either side, wheel dispenses one slide at a time...
Slide Staining and Storage SystemSlide Staining and Storage System
Model: STR-STN-DSH-94Brand: Metallography World Corporation
Slide Staining and Storage System stain, file, and store  Universal slide rack and container for autoradiography gel staining and staining techniques. Molded of black polyoxymethylene-poly-acetal plastic which has great advantages over glass in all cytological and histological laboratorie..
Slide Rack
Model: STR-SLI-RCKBrand: Metallography World Corporation
Slide Rack The slide rack has an open bottom for rapid draining. It holds 25 each 3 x 1" or 75 x 25mm slides in slots numbered 1 to 25. The handle folds flat on either side. Four of these racks fit into the Slide Storage Box (see below). Maximum use temperature 85°C (185°F)...
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