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Polycrystalline Diamond Suspension (Alcohol) Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies


META-Alco, Premium Alcohol Based Polycrystalline Diamond Suspension

Metallurgical Supplies offers a line of META-Alco an alcohol-based, low viscosity diamond slurries for polishing metals and crystals that promote fast drying of parts while minimizing water staining. Made from highly refined, precision-graded diamond powders, these slurries contain a low concentration of alcohol plus lubricants, dispersants, and cut-rate enhancers to deliver a good surface finish at an accelerated rate. 

  • Combines water-based/alcohol-based slurry
  • Provides fast drying of parts compared to water-based slurries
  • Can suspend up to 15μm diamond


  • Provides fast material removal rate and controlled surface finish
  • Field tested and industry approved
  • Biodegradable
  • Fast drying