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ThinCision-Precision Cut Off Wheels Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

5" x 0.020-inch x 5/8, 10/Box, ThinCision - Premium Precision Cutting Wheels
Model: TC-5R-MHBrand: Metallography World Corporation
For cutting of medium hard ferrous metals (< HV 500), comparable to Struers Cut-off Wheel 30A13..
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ThinSicssion Precision series Cut-off wheels for precision cut-off machines
Corundum and diamond cut-off wheels for precision cut-off machines, diamond cup grinders, saw blade for precision cut-off machines, CBN cut-off wheels for precision cut-off machines.  For certain applications, it is important to minimize the amount of damage done to the sample during sectioning. The AccuThin and ThinSicssion series offers thin blades that have been developed to minimize the area of cutting thus reducing the amount of damage to the sample. These blades allow for precise, delicate abrasive sectioning with minimal surface damage.