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Adhesives by Metallurgical Supplies

Fast Tack 55 Foam and Fabric Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW055Brand: Sprayway Inc
Effectively bonds fabric to foam, metal, or wood surfaces, and to itself Bonds urethane and latex-type foams to themselves in butt-splicing, knife edging, laminating, boxing, and edge turning operations as well as to metal, rigid plastic, and wood surfaces Offers quick tack and high coverage, while ..
Spray Adhesive -- Also see #366 below, 16oz, Each
Model: SW066Brand: Sprayway Inc
For the art studio; print, picture framing, screen print, or signs/display shop; sewing trades personnel, woodworkers, and office and indstrial settings. Prevents paper patterns and stencils from shifting. Quick or long tack for temporary or permanent bonds. Non-wrinkling; repositionable; water-resi..
Mist Spray Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW082Brand: Sprayway Inc
Created for textile screen printers who specialize in T-shirts and similar materials Bonds easily to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber, and leather Pressure-sensitive formula is repositionable without losing strength Will not transfer to fabric or allow shifting..
Web Type Spray Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW083Brand: Sprayway Inc
Economy-type adhesive for textile screen printers who work with sweatshirts and other heavier materials Bonds easily to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber, and leather Repositionable without losing strength Non-staining; fabric will not shift during screen printi..
Fast Tack #384 Super Flash Pallet Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW084Brand: Sprayway Inc
Screen printing pallet adhesive specially formulated for flash-cure applications Remains tacky; perfect for applications and temperatures required to cure plastisol inks Safe to use on any fabric High-quality industrial grade spray adhesive Will not transfer to or allow shifting during screen printi..
Fast Tack 85 General Purpose Web Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW085Brand: Sprayway Inc
High performance web adhesive used for both temporary and permanent bonding applications Waterproof, flexible, transparent, and non-staining Ideal for porous or non-porous substrates Contains no chlorinated solvents..
Fast Tack 87 General Purpose Mist Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW087Brand: Sprayway Inc
Non-Staining Formula Ideal for many lightweight bonding applications Fast Tack-High Solids No Chlorinated Solvents..
Fast Tack 89 Specialty Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW089Brand: Sprayway Inc
Instant tack Non-Staining / Non-Transferable Repositionable adhesive No chlorinated solvents..
Fast Tack 92 Hi-Temp Heavy Duty Trim Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW092Brand: Sprayway Inc
Formulated for the automotive professional Easily bonds heavier-weight materials to metals, woods, and plastics For high-temperature, heavy-duty bonding of vinyl tops, headliners, and hood silencer pads Excellent heat and water resistance; has longest bonding range; allows repositioning during assem..
66c Spray Adhesive, 16oz, Each
Model: SW366Brand: Sprayway Inc
Fast Tack 382 Premium Mist Pallet Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW382Brand: Sprayway Inc
Fast Tack 383 Premium Web Pallet Adhesive, 20oz, Each
Model: SW383Brand: Sprayway Inc
A web type economy pallet adhesive ideal for textile screen printers The pressure-sensitive formula makes it repositionable without losing its strength No. 383 sprays on easily and evenly for screenprint tacking It will not transfer to forbric or allow shifting of the material during the screenprint..
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