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MRO Black Label Series Supplies by Metallurgical Supplies

D2 Solvent Degreaser, 20oz, Each
Model: SW285Brand: Sprayway Inc
A highly concentrated formula designed for powerful degreasing action on metallic and non-metallic surfaces The powerful jet action delivery system quickly and effectively blasts away grease, oil, stains and soil for superior cleaning action Non chlorinated Quick dry High flow Leaves no film Does no..
D3 Citrus Degreaser, 20oz, Each
Model: SW286Brand: Sprayway Inc
This natural citrus degreaser attacks oil, grime, grease, tar and other oil based contaminants on hard surfaces Works on contact and leaves little or no residue Non chlorinated Natural citrus base Works instantly Leaves no film..
C1 Penetrating Coil Cleaner, 20oz, Each
Model: SW287Brand: Sprayway Inc
The Penetrating Coil Cleaner features a delayed foaming action that allows the nonacid, non-chlorinated formula to attack dirt, grime, soil deposits and contaminants on the evaporators and condenser coils Fresh citrus scent Expanding foam action Delayed foaming action Powerful pin-point spray Dual q..
L1 Lubricant Protectant, 20oz, Each
Model: SW288Brand: Sprayway Inc
This heavy duty penetrant is designed to work fast loosening rust and corrosion The non-conductive formula with moisture displacer, never dries Saves production, maintenance and repair time while protecting and preserving equipment No chlorinated solvents Displaces moisture Lubricates Protects..
L3 Moly PTFE Lubricant Protectant, 20oz, Each
Model: SW289Brand: Sprayway Inc
This lubricant is formulated with PTFE and fortified with Moly to provide long lasting lubrication and protection from friction, wear and corrosion The light viscocity of this product allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts Safe for use on most surfaces Fast-acting Heat stable to..
L2 Moisture Displacer/Deep Penetrant, 20oz, Each
Model: SW290Brand: Sprayway Inc
This heavy duty penetrant cleans and protects faster than traditional products Saves production, maintenance and repair time protecting equipment with its rust inhibitor This moisture displacer reaches deep down to loosen nuts and bolts where corrosion and rust have collected Non-conducting up to 45..
M1 Moly Chain & Cable Lubricant, 20oz, Each
Model: SW291Brand: Sprayway Inc
This chain & cable lubricant provides superior penetrating action to rollers, pins, links and bushings of chains When applied to wire ropes and cables, the Moly and other additives plate the strands to provide anti-wear and rust protection Reduces wear caused by friction and corrosion Lubricant and ..
S1 Silicone Spray, 20oz, Each
Model: SW292Brand: Sprayway Inc
This light-duty silicone spray is non-staining, non-corrosive and quick drying for a variety of uses May be used on equipment in areas where there is exposure of the lubricated parts to food This friction reducer stops sticking and binding while it protects equipment Non-staining Non-corrosive Safe ..
P1 Precision Contact Cleaner, 20oz, Each
Model: SW293Brand: Sprayway Inc
This precision cleaning product prevents corrosion by displacing moisture Helps prevent electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity and condensation Ideal for applications where lower flash point and higher evaporating solvents may be used Non-staining Non-corrosive Safe for food p..
G1 Premium Gold Grease, 20oz, Each
Model: SW294Brand: Sprayway Inc
A premium gold grease that delivers excellent lubrication while it prevents corrosion and extending of the life of operating equipment This product is fortifi ed with extreme pressure additives to withstand extreme temperatures and extreme conditions Reduces friction and wear under rigorous conditio..
T1 TFE Dry Coating Lubricant and Release Agent, 20oz, Each
Model: SW295Brand: Sprayway Inc
This non-oily, non-staining woodworker's lubricant remains dry during use Extremely slick, T1 will not melt below 500°F, will not attract or hold dust or dirt and will not become gummy Repels oil and water Fortified with TFE Reduces Friction - Stops Sticking Prolongs Tool Life Paintable - Will Not ..
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