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Alumina Suspension 0.3µm, 16oz (PAS-DA-03-0) by Metallurgical Supplies

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Alumina Suspension 0.3µm, 16oz (PAS-DA-03-0) by
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Technical Specifications

Alumina Abrasice Specs
Bottle Size 16oz
Particle Form Alpha/Gamma
Particle Size (µm) 0.3µm
Product Type Alumina Suspension
Alumina Suspension 0.3µm, 16oz (PAS-DA-03-0) by Metallurgical Supplies
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  • Reward Points: Receive 28 - META-POINTS
  • Model: PAS-DA-03-0
  • Weight: 1.10lb
  • SKU: PAS-DA-03-0
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0.3µm Alumina Suspension Available Sizes

Alumina Suspension 0.3µm, 16oz

0.3µm, 16oz

Alumina Suspension 0.3µm, 32oz

0.3µm, 32oz

Alumina Suspension 0.3µm, 128oz

0.3µm, 128oz

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Alumina Suspension 0.3µm (micron) , 16oz - Metallurgical Supplies alumina suspensions are 99.99% purity de-agglomerated and water based. Chemically stable, the pre-mixed formulas are a clean, convenient alternative to powders and are ideal for the finest finishes.

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