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Ammonium sulfate (CHEM-064-32) by Metallurgical Supplies

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Ammonium sulfate (CHEM-064-32) by from Chemicals and Acids ACS Grade
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Technical Specifications

Chemical Specifications
ASC Chemical NameAmmonium sulfate
C.A.S Number7783-20-2
Hazard Statements H412
Linear Formula (NH4)2S2O8
MDL NumberMFCD00003391
Precautionary Statements P273-P501
Ammonium sulfate (CHEM-064-32) by Metallurgical Supplies
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Ammonium sulfate (CHEM-064-32) - Chemicals and Acids ACS Grade by Metallurgical Supplies


General description

Ammonium sulfate is an ammonium salt commonly used as fertilizer. It can be synthesized by neutralizing sulfuric acid with ammonia.  It can enhance the phytotoxicity of several herbicides like glyphosates. Ammonium sulfate is formed as a co-product during the manufacture of caprolactam, a precursor of nylon.


Ammonium sulfate was used in methyl cellulose precipitable tannin assay to evaluate wine tannin in finished wine samples.  It was also used in making externally mixed aerosols for analyzing the 1 × 3 tandem differential mobility analyzer (1 × 3-TDMA), which is mainly employed for determining the irreversibility of the hygroscopic growth factor of aerosol particles.

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