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Calcium Gluconate Monohydrate (CHEM-043-2) by Metallurgical Supplies

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Calcium Gluconate Monohydrate (CHEM-043-2) by from Chemicals and Acids ACS Grade
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Technical Specifications

Chemical Specifications
ASC Chemical NameCalcium Gluconate Monohydrate
C.A.S Number299-28-5
Linear Formula C12H22CaO14 · H2O
MDL Number MFCD00150787
Calcium Gluconate Monohydrate (CHEM-043-2) by Metallurgical Supplies
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Calcium Gluconate Monohydrate (CHEM-043-2) - Chemicals and Acids ACS Grade by Metallurgical Supplies


General description

Calcium gluconate monohydrate’s white, crystalline appearance is odorless as well as tasteless.  This supplement is available in granules or powder form at a chemical supplier in Florida. Although insoluble in alcohol, calcium gluconate monohydrate is soluble in water, although the process is quite slow unless the water temperature is above 100°C.  Its chemical formula is C12H22CaO14.H2O.

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