Central Force Automatic Polishing

META-CENTRA POL – is a Central Force automatic grinding/polishing machine is made according to world standards with advanced technology. Featured by high accuracy, stable reliable performance, easy operation, wide processing range, automatic operation, etc., the machine is an ideal metallographic processing instrument.

2. Features
1. Digital display of sampling speed;
2. Load pressure and sampling time are adjustable (the polishing time is pre-settable)
3. Grinding-polishing disc has two functions of two-step constant speed and step-less speed change;
4. The spindle of grinding-polishing head is step-less speed change;
5. Handsome durable ABS casing and stainless-steel standard parts;
6. Central force loading;
7. Automatic distribution system of large-volume grinding materials (the polishing suspension can be added via an automatic material dropper automatically).
8. Process six samples simultaneously;
9. The machine has function of “One Key Recovery”.

Grid View:

META-CENTRA POL - Central Force Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine


  META-CENTRA POL Central Force Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine META-CENTRA..

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