Portable Etching Units

This portable etching unit comes two ways. 

E-FM-ME1 = META-ETCH-P. Power Operated.
E-FM-ME2 = META-ETCH-B = Battery Operated.

The simple operation simultaneous with high functionality is matchless. The epoxy-coated aluminum housing meets highest demands on functionality, stability, and design. All sensitive parts are well protected for transport and local operation. For maximum comfort, it is equipped with a handle and carrying strap. 

Control unit with a transformer in 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 
out 6 - 30 V infinitely variable / max. current 2.5 amp 
current and voltage display
cable for electricity socket US standard
cable for electricity socket EU standard (except UK)
dimensions: approx. 104 x 54 x 160 (W x H x D) mm
weight: approx. 900 gs
housing: aluminum

Etching pen - for electrolytic etching incl. cable, alligator contact clamp, magnetic contact, 100 cotton rolls.

Product Advantages

  • A portable unit for electrolytic polishing and etching
  • Fully automatic program run controlled by a microprocessor
  • Independent from the power supply by using a Li-Ion storage battery
  • Handle with the integrated polishing unit, Start / Stop function
  • Handle with multicolor LED for showing the current operating state
  • Operating panel with clear LCD display for all important operating state
  • Adjustable voltage and current, adjustable operating time

After grinding and polishing (instead of chemical etching) electrolytic etching of the prepared spot may be
used with connecting the Etching Pen.

---Connect the Etching Pen to Socket #4.
---Clamp the anode (red wire) of the Etching Pen to the sample or workpiece by the clamp or the magnetic anode supplied.
---Select the Etching Mode (E1 or E2) from the adjustment knob #3
---Remove the closing cap and insert a cotton-wool tampon into the Etching Pen.
---Fill the Etching Pen with the relevant electrolyte (depending on material) using the syringe by putting the syringe into the filling hole on the side of the etching pen.
---The cotton-wool tampon is soaked with the relevant electrolyte.
---Wipe the etching pen on the prepared spot until etching is done. (The mirror-like polished surface becomes darker).
---After the etching process is finished, clean the area with water or alcohol (ethanol) to stop the etching process.
---Do not over etch when using the portable microscope. Forgetting a replica for laboratory examination make over-etching.
---When not in use the close the cap of the Etching Pen.


MaterialsElectrolyteEtching(Replacing Chemical
Etching with…)
Carbon steelsSpecial Salt Solutions
e.g. 5% NaCl solution
Aluminum Alloys(10% NaCl solution)
High-alloyed steelsital (3% HNO3 in ethanol) +
water (50:50) or 3% aqueous HNO3
E2(concentrated acid
(ferritic / martensitic)
Austenitic stainless steels10% oxalic acidE1(V2A-steel formulation)
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