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META-IMAGE is an Image Analysis that is a highly advanced Metallurgical Image Analysis system, which is an extremely user-friendly system.  META-IMAGE Image Analysis is an advanced tool which supports all your needs for metallurgical analysis.  META-IMAGE conforms to international standard ASTM.  Based on technology transfer from BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center).  The software is totally automatic and provides analysis of microstructure for Steel, Iron, and Aluminum.


Grain Size Analysis

Grain size analysis (ASTM E112) using ASTM methods like Planimetric, Hayn Intercept, Hillard/Abrams circle intercept and manual grain analysis.  This section explains the grain size measurement. The option can be accessed using “Measurementsà Grain Size”. The screen will be as shown below. This option can be accessed only after opening an image. Average grain size can be measured using various ASTM recommended methods as explained in the next sections. The various methods are

  • Plan metric method
  • Linear Intercept method
  • Circular Intercept method
  • Manual process
  • Draw Grain method

ALA Grain Size

ALA grain size (ASTM E930) analysis.  ALA Grain size means As Large As grain. ALA Grain the largest grain observed in a random scatter of individual coarse grains comprising 5 % or less of the specimen area, where the apparent grain size of these coarse grains differs by 3 or more ASTM grain size numbers from the balance of the microstructure. ALA Grain method – Auto or Manual.

Porosity Analysis

This method can be accessed by “Measurementsà Porosity Analysis”. This functionality can do the particle count and analysis of particles in Millipore testing as well as in cases where the user wants to analyze particles.
This functionality is same as Particle Analysis module.

Nodularity Analysis

Nodularity (ASTM E2567) analysis including intercept method.  This method measures the Nodularity of the sample images. You can measure Nodularity for multiple samples and add each result to the final result list for report generation.


This method determines the phase/segmentation data for sample images. This will help you to find the perlite/ferrite content of the sample images. You can measure Phases for multiple samples and add each result to the final result list for report generation. This method identifies different components based on its color.
There are two methods for finding the Phase data

  • Area fraction method
  • Manual Point count method

Inclusion Analysis

Inclusion (ASTM E45) analysis including ASTM Method C( for Oxide/Silicate).  This method finds the inclusion content in terms of type and thickness as per ASTM standard E45. This method can be accessed through “MeasurementsàInclusion”. You can measure Inclusion for multiple sample images and add each result to the final result before generating a result. The classification of Inclusion is as below:

  • Type A – Sulfide
  • Type B – Alumina
  • Type C – Silicate
  • Type D – Globular Oxide

There are two methods for Inclusion analysis and an option for creating Inclusion configuration:

  • Inclusion - Default
  • Inclusion – Method D
  • Method C (Oxide & Silicate)
  • Inclusion Configuration

Decarburization Measurements

Decarburization (ASTM E1077) analysis.  This method is for identifying the depth of decarburization in steel. There are two methods by which we can measure Decarburization. They are

  • Trace method
  • Total Decarb

Adhoc Measurements 2D Measurements

2D measurement window provides the option to do a 2-dimensional measurement on the image like length, area, radius or diameter or circumference of a circle etc.
A user can do the following measurements using this option.

  • Length
  • Radius
  • Diameter
  • Circumference
  • Area
  • Angle
  • Distance between
  • Circularity

Coating Thickness Measurement

This method is for measuring the Coating thickness. You can also check multiple layers checking in one sample, up to maximum 4 layers per sample. You can measure Coating thickness using four methods:

  • Auto method
  • Line method
  • Draw boundary method
  • Manual method

Phase/Segmentation (ASTM E562) analysis

Particle size analyzer

Flake analysis (ASTM A247) (Distribution and Size)

Dentritic Arm Spacing Measurement

Basic measurements like length, area, radius, distance, angle

Report generation in PDF and MS Excel

Ability to measure multiple fields from multiple samples

Highly accurate calibration

META-WELD is a Weld Penetration software offers you the most advanced system for Weld Penetration Inspection from its stable. This system is the result of our decade-long worldwide industry associates with high experience in weld quality inspection, and the features this system offers are unmatched anywhere. This system can be used to measure all dimensional measurements (2D) like length, a distance between, angle, radius, diameter, area etc. META-WELD system even offers you automatic/programmable measurement and is fully customizable where you can define your own parameters to be measured.



Supports all dimensional measurements.

Programmable (Automatic) measurement

Supports all weld quality parameters like depth/penetration, %penetration, leg lengths, throat lengths, root penetration etc.

Can measure length, area, angle, diameter, radius, circumference in addition to weld penetration measurement

Can define Component and its parameters to be measured

Can set expected values and tolerances for each parameter

Automatic edge detection

Component level reporting

Integrated online Help

Highly accurate calibration


  • Reports in Excel or PDF format (Customizable format)
  • Historical data analysis with performance graphs and deviation analysis reports
  • Component level report
  • SPC reports
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