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Metallurgical Supplies Community System - A must follow

    Welcome to Metallurgical Supplies Community System, a Metallography World Corporation company!  
Using the community system we put in place, gives everyone a chance to comment, make a post.  As we expend this portion of the company, some of the great features you will have such as sample prep guide where others may post and had better lock with a  tweak in the procedure.   Always providing the latest news in the Mettalugy Field pulling from all sources we have access to, to bring you everything you need to know with out leaving our site.  Special training sessions will go on to the public, but also allowing one on one training from the best Metallurgists in the industry we partnered with to expend the knowlesge of those that want to know more.
Every release of a new series of products will also be mentioned here.  Use a post for a great suggestion you would like to see happen.  To list all the features would take sometime, so let us invite you to be a part of this, as this will be heading in a great direction, 


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Metallurgical Supplies Community System - Providing new products developed or in development, news, preparation methods, plus so much ++++

    Welcome to Metallurgical Supplies, a Metallography World Corporation company!  The place to find the best Metallographic Supplies, Metallurgical Consumables & Equipment for your METLAB's metallurgy needs.    Our supply line does not stop here. We have expended our range of products in categories such as Etching Solutions, Chemicals & Acids ACS Grade Certified, Lab Supplies and Hardware, Charpy Broaching Equipment, Tools & Services not offered elsewhere and providing into Field Metallography supplies, equipment and replicating media.  Petrograp...

Essential Business Classification - Supplier to an Essential Business

METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES has been named as a key supplier by many current and new customers to stay open as an Essential Business for National Security Purposes to provide the labs with supplies needed during the crisis our country faces.  Metallurgical Supplies has a strong protocol in place of avoiding the COVID-19 virus.  Rest assure the products that will ship from us will be virus free. Should you have any questions, please contact the owner Billy Gladky # 716-994-4090 (m) GOD BLESS AMERICA - PRAYERS FOR ALL AND YOUR LOVED ONE TO STAY STRONG AND BE THERE FOR ONE A...

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