Hot Mounting


PHENOLIC POWDERS Hot compression mounting is an economical method of encapsulating samples that can withstand the pressure and heat of the mounting process.

Black, green and red phenolic powders are used for routine applications when color-coding for material identification, or as backfill for more expensive mounting powders.

Epoxy Powder: Used as functional and/or protective coatings, these products provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and are ideal for applications such as metal electrical cabinets, power tools, brass plumbing and hardware fixtures, appliances, and automotive under-body parts.

Transparent powders

Conductive Powders

Copper Filled Epoxy

Graphite Filled Epoxy

Hot compression mounting compounds utilize heat and pressure to encapsulate a specimen. Buehler's compounds minimize shrinkage while protecting and preserving sample edges during the preparation process.

Wide Portfolio for Every Application: The choice of a mounting compound depends on the goals of the lab and requirements of the final analysis. Many different compounds are available to meet the wide variety of needs including colored general-purpose phenolic, hard mineral-filled compounds, clear thermoplastic compounds and conductive compounds for SEM analysis.

Quick Cycle Set-Up with No Mess: Eliminate measuring from the mounting process with Pre-Molds. Simply place a pre-measured puck of pressed phenolic powder into the mounting chamber and the cycle is ready to begin. Save time and maximize cleanliness by eliminating any measuring and pouring of powder.