Purchase Terms and Conditions

Purchase Terms and Conditions

Customer agrees to purchase and accept Metallurgical Supplies products in accordance with these terms and conditions. Metallurgical Supplies objects to and rejects any and all terms proposed by Customer, whether contained in Customer’s purchase order or elsewhere. If Metallurgical Supplies and Customer have signed a separate, written agreement governing Customer’s purchase of Metallurgical Supplies products (“Contract”), then the terms of that Contract shall govern.

Prices and Taxes

Prices are in U.S. Dollars and exclude all taxes, duties or assessments (“Taxes”). Any Taxes Which Metallurgical Supplies may be required to pay or collect may be added to each invoice or separately invoiced by Metallurgical Supplies and promptly paid by Customer.


Customer shall make full payment for all products within thirty (30) days of the invoice date without any offsets or credits, and Metallurgical Supplies may suspend production, shipment or delivery of any additional products until such payments are made. Past due invoices shall bear interest at the rate of one and one-half percent per month, but not in excess of the maximum lawful rate, until paid in full.

Title; Shipping and Storage Charges

Title to the products and risk of loss shall pass to Customer at Metallurgical Supplies’ shipping point. Customer shall be responsible for shipping charges and Metallurgical Supplies assumes no liability in connection with shipment, nor shall any carrier be construed to be an agent of Metallurgical Supplies. Freight charges are based on standard rates before volume or other discounts. Freight charges may also include a uniform handling charge of $3.00 per package. Metallurgical Supplies shall have the right to assess a storage and handling charge for product left in Metallurgical Supplies’ possession after notification to Customer that the products are available to ship. Products held for Customer due to such delay shall be held at Customer’s risk.

Time of Shipment and Shipping

Lead time requirements and delivery dates will vary according to manufacturing and other conditions. Each shipment is to be considered a separate sale.

Security Interest

Until the purchase price for the product has been paid in full, Customer grants Metallurgical Supplies a security interest in the products, together with any proceeds, including accounts receivables. Customer authorizes Metallurgical Supplies to file any necessary financing statements or other documents to evidence and perfect such security interest.

Cancellation of Purchase Orders

Purchase orders may be cancelled for non-custom products within the same business day, provided that the order has not yet been processed. Purchase orders are non-cancellable for custom products and custom volumes once production of the custom order has been started.

Product Returns

All returns are subject to Metallurgical Supplies’ prior approval and shall be governed by Metallurgical Supplies’ Product Return Policy (“Return Policy”) in effect at the time of such return. The Return Policy is located at www.Metallurgical Supplies.com or is available upon request and may change from time to time. Metallurgical Supplies reserves the right to evaluate all returns and its decision concerning damage or defects shall be conclusive. Metallurgical Supplies will then, at its option, either repair or replace such products or credit Customer’s account in the amount of the original invoice price.


In the event Metallurgical Supplies is required by a regulatory agency to recall products, or Metallurgical Supplies voluntarily initiates a recall of products, Customer agrees to cooperate with and assist Metallurgical Supplies in locating and retrieving the recalled products. Customer shall promptly report to Metallurgical Supplies any complaints or other information regarding the products of which it becomes aware that could reasonably be expected to lead to recall or other regulatory action.


Customer shall be in default hereunder if any one or more of the following events occur: (a) Customer shall default in not timely performing or providing any of its obligations to Metallurgical Supplies; (b) a receiver, liquidator or trustee of Customer, or any of its property, is appointed by court order; (c) Customer is adjudicated bankrupt or insolvent; (d) any property of Customer is sequestered by court order; (e) a petition is filed by or against Customer under any bankruptcy, reorganization, dissolution or liquidation law of any jurisdiction; (f) Customer becomes insolvent; or (g) in the event that delivery is dependent on Customer’s cooperation, Customer fails to cooperate in effecting delivery at the time agreed upon, or absent such agreement, at the time fixed by Metallurgical Supplies. In the event of any such default, all unpaid payments shall become immediately due and payable and Metallurgical Supplies shall have the right to consider its contract with the Customer cancelled and to recover damages and shall further have all rights and remedies provided by applicable law.

Confidential Information

In connection with Customer’s purchase of products from Metallurgical Supplies, Metallurgical Supplies may disclose to Customer confidential information of Metallurgical Supplies, including without limitation, information pertaining to customers, vendors, products, product specifications, product concepts, pricing, finances, business, marketing, plans, sales, which is the confidential, proprietary information of Metallurgical Supplies (the “Confidential Information”). Customer shall not, under any circumstance, use, disclose or make available to any person or entity any of Metallurgical Supplies’ Confidential Information except for the limited purpose of the transactions contemplated by Customer’s order of product from Metallurgical Supplies and Customer agrees that it shall never use or exploit any such Confidential Information to the detriment of Metallurgical Supplies.

Limited Warranty and Disclaimer

Metallurgical Supplies represents and warrants that the products shall materially conform to the specifications at the time of shipment to Customer and will remain materially free of defects in materials and workmanship for the period specified on the written limited warranty separately provided with each product. This warranty shall not apply to products that have been (i) modified, changed, repaired, refurbished, reprocessed, or altered by anyone other than Metallurgical Supplies; (ii) subjected to misuse, mishandling, re-use, re-sterilization, accident, abuse, neglect or tampering; (iii) damaged by excessive physical, environmental or electrical stress; or that have had a serial number altered, defaced or removed; (iv) combined with any other product; (v) used outside the approved “Indications for Use” as cleared by the relevant competent authority, used contrary to the use outlined in the product specifications or in an application or environment for which such product was not designed or contemplated. Any technical product advice furnished by Metallurgical Supplies is provided without duty or compensation and Metallurgical Supplies assumes no obligation or liability, all such advice being given and accepted at Customer’s risk. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES MAKES NO REPRESENATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, TO CUSTOMER, ITS END-USERS OR ANY THIRD PARTIES WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS. METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES DISCLAIMS AND EXCLUDES ANY AND ALL OTHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, AND STATUTORY WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES AGAINST INFRINGEMENT, AND THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Limitation of Liability


Force Majeure

In the event Metallurgical Supplies Medical’s performance is delayed or made impossible or commercially impracticable due to causes beyond Metallurgical Supplies Medical’s reasonable control, such as acts of God; increased costs of materials and/or supplies; fire; explosion; shortages of energy sources, facilities, material or labor; delay or lack of transportation; temporary or permanent plant shutdown; breakdown or accident; compliance with or other action taken to carry out the intent or purpose of any law, regulation or other requirement of any governmental authority, Metallurgical Supplies Medical shall have additional time to perform this contract as may be reasonably necessary under the circumstances. However, the obligation of Customer to pay for delivered products is never suspended. In addition, if Metallurgical Supplies Medical is unable to produce sufficient product to meet all demands from customers and internal uses, Metallurgical Supplies Medical shall have the right to allocate production among its customers in any manner which Metallurgical Supplies Medical determines to be equitable.

Export/Import Controls

Customer will comply fully at all times with all applicable laws, including obtaining licenses and other import certifications. Customer will not assist or engage in the diversion of products to any country to which the U.S. has embargoed or restricted the export of goods or services. Customer agrees not to export or re-export U.S.-origin products to any person or entity that has been prohibited from participating in U.S. export transactions by any federal agency of the U.S. government. Customer represents and warrants that neither the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration nor any other U.S. federal agency has suspended, revoked, or denied its export privileges.