Putty Impressions

Provil novo putty regular and soft series
450 ml base, 450 ml catalyst

Provil Novo – Silicones

• High precision impressions (<0.1 µm)
Due to the special material properties of Provil Novo, it can be used to replicate surfaces with such precision that deviations are kept lower than 0.1 μm. This means that in metallography, for example, the structures of etched microstructure surfaces can be replicated with the utmost precision. The impression can be used to make a mold by using suitable polymers, such as Technovit®3040, to obtain a second positive, without any loss of quality.
• The optimum level of resilience for use on complicated geometric objects with undercuts
Due to its excellent resilience, Provil Novo makes it possible to take impressions of difficult areas and to measure these after the impression has been taken. These advantages are used, for example, to measure the rate of wear of cavities in tools and machine components, without having to use cost-intensive techniques. Perfect results thanks to easy application methods.
• Faultless working due to extremely simple application
The self-mixing cartouche system excludes faulty dosing. The kneadable products come with color-coded spoons and products in order to avoid confusion.
• Ready for application within a few seconds due to the easy mixing procedure
No special previous knowledge required for the application. In comparison to other methods, Provil Novo is very advantageous for use in places that are difficult to get to or for work performed overhead. Provil Novo can be removed easily from the sample object without leaving any residues.
• Cost-efficient method
Users of Provil Novo do not need to invest in special training or application devices. The competitive price of the consumables and the short time required for its application make it easy to decide on Provil Novo!
• No hazardous substances / no health or safety risks
Provil Novo can be applied anywhere without risks, particularly in areas which already pose a high potential for danger (e.g. corrosion surveys in tank farms, gas pipes etc). Transportation of Provil Novo is also risk-free, and the products have been approved for all modes of transportation.
• Does not develop any temperatures when curing
Provil Novo does not develop any temperatures during the curing process, and hence does not negatively influence the surface structure of objects – which is particularly important for a broad range of scientific applications and when taking impressions for restoration purposes.
• Many analysis and application possibilities
Provil Novo silicones do not react in any way with other substances. This means that impressions of all kinds of surfaces can be taken, irrespective of the material of which those objects are composed. These surface impressions can be analyzed by using light microscopes or SEM’s (at a low accelerating voltage of max. 5 kV). Provil Novo impressions can also be used for roughness measurements.
Provil Novo putty und putty soft
The Provil Novo putty and Provil Novo putty soft silicones consist of a base and a catalyst component and can be kneaded by hand.
The components are provided in their respective dosing spoons at a ratio of 1:1 and are mixed by hand until they form a homogenous mass. To make the replica, the mass is modeled or pressed onto the object surface. The material cures within 4.5 – 5 minutes at room temperature and the material, or the object, can then be removed.
Areas of application
The feature that distinguishes these two products is the final hardness (see technical data) that they attain. Provil Novo putty and Provil Novo putty soft are employed for taking impressions of objects with:
• simple surface structures 
• very hard surfaces (metallic or mineral surfaces) 
• a quite high final hardness of the impression
They are typically employed for taking impressions for measurements in mold making and tool manufacture. Both products can also be used in combination with the free-flowing Provil Novo light, by using Provil Novo putty as a "stamp”, i.e. to make a rough impression, and by applying Provil Novo light CD2 to precision mold and replicate the existing microstructures.

Provil novo light

Provil Novo light CD2 is a self-mixing silicone with low viscosity and is supplied in double cartridges.
The application system ensures that Provil Novo light is properly and safely applied. The cartridges are inserted into the dispensing gun and a mixing cannula is then attached to the outlet of the cartridge. When the lever of the dispensing gun is pressed, the silicone is evenly forced out of the two chambers of the double cartridge through the mixing cannula. This process ensures that the silicone is mixed automatically and homogeneously and can be applied to the object directly. Simultaneously, the mixing cannula serve the purpose of sealing the outlet of the dispensing gun until it is used again. In addition, mixing cannula attachments can be used to fill minuscule pores or cracks.
Areas of application
Provil Novo light is a very free-flowing silicone and is therefore perfectly suited for molding difficult geometric shapes. Provil Novo light cures in approx. 4.5 minutes and can then be removed from the object.

Provil Novo putty und putty soft

The Kneadable

The addition-crosslinking silicones consist of a base and a catalytic component and can be kneaded by hand at a mixing ratio of 1:1. To produce an impression, simply apply the compound by hand on the surface to be examined. After about 4.5 to 5 minutes, the silicone is sufficiently cured to be removed. The main difference between the two products is their final hardness (see technical data). A typical application is an impression taking for measuring in the mold and toolmaking industry. There is no need for special prior knowledge of the application. 


  • Where large surfaces must be cast 
  • At hard to access places or when working overhead
  • To stabilize making impressions with the flexible Provil Novo Light (double impression technique) 


  • Easy application procedures preventing errors
  • Colour-coded putties and scoops eliminate mixing errors
  • Ready in seconds after mixing
  • Impressions can be evaluated with measuring probes or non-contact measuring methods
  • Provil novo can be removed without leaving any residue on the specimen



 Provil Novo light regular Provil Novo putty regular Provil Novo putty regular




Provil novo putty regular 450 ml base, 450 ml catalyst Provil novo putty regular 450 ml base, 450 ml catalyst Provil Novo – Silicones • High precision impressions (
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Provil novo putty soft 450 ml base, 450 ml catalyst Provil novo putty soft 450 ml base, 450 ml catalyst Provil Novo – Silicones • High precision impressions (
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